Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recommendation: Ryan's Well

Ryan's Well is about a young boy who raises money to send to Africa for a well.  He and his family are sent there to see it.  The experience of their welcome in the village  and what  he learns from the school principal about the best way to help others help themselves plus the conditions of getting water before the well is built  mirror this book.  It is 30 minutes  long.... suitable for all ages,  a wonderful social justice piece.
I received this from the Spiritual Cinema Circle,  which puts out one DVD monthly with about 4 four films on each.
I know you can purchse one single DVD.  This DVD is 2005, Vol. 1 - Ryan's Well .
Spiritual Cinema Circle  1-800-280-8290
If you need further info,  please let me know.  Blessings,  Ginny Brown

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